Ex-Marine Rescues A Cat – Watching Their Relationship Grow

An ex-marine named Gabe Lee recently took in a foster kitten named Jubilee for the Seattle Humane Society, and we are absolutely in love with the adorable memories and photos they have shared with the rest of the world!

No one is quite sure how Jubilee found herself at the adoption center, but the little girl needed someone to take care of her until she got to a proper weight. It was then that Gabe stepped in to be her foster “mother.”

When Gabe first got her, she was only a few days old, and “about the size of an iPhone 5s.” He then took care of the little girl around-the-clock to help her gain weight and grow properly. He gave her adorable little baths, kept an eye on her weight, fed her milk with a bottle, and more!

The photos are absolutely adorable. Gabe managed to capture the entire process of fostering a days old foster kitten into a proper cat. Even though she needed constant care to make sure she grew up healthy during this critical time, the love they had for each other became totally evident in these photos. While people think that Marines are tough to the core, Gabe wasn’t afraid to show off his softer sides with his new furry friend!

After a while, it became clear it was time for Jubilee to go back to the Humane Society and get a proper family to be adopted into. While it was sad, Jubilee is now healthy and ready to live the rest of her life. We just hope we get to see a few more photos along the way!

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