Mom Saves Fawn Stuck In Porch Railings –what happened after ?

A family from Chester County, Pennsylvania were shocked to spot a little whitetail fawn who managed to get stuck in the railings of their front porch. Two of his legs were completely stuck in the tight railings and the baby deer was unable to get out of his predicament on his own.

The fawn was completely frightened and in shock.

When the mom of the family came close to try to help him, you can immediately notice the deer becoming nervous and afraid. The family assumes that the deer got stuck in the porch railings while he was running away from a predator.

The whole family was around during the rescue as dad was filming the entire thing. Several pets and a little daughter were around as well, and mom made sure that everyone was safe before she attempted to push the baby deer out of the railings cautiously.

Gently, mom starts to try and push the deer, but the animal becomes very anxious and even starts yelling in sheer panic. After a few more tries, mom realizes that pushing the fawn isn’t the best course of action.

Instead, she grabbed his legs and tucked the baby deer’s head in so he would be able to get free the same way he got stuck.

The woman did her best to pull the fawn towards her and he was finally freed!

It was clear that the fawn was still a bit weakened and in shock as a result of being stuck for quite a bit, and he collapsed after mom tried to get him to stand on his own legs again. After a bit of scrambling on the patio, mom gently carried the fawn back onto the grass.

The grass was a much better surface for the fawn to find his footing, and he quickly recovered.

He was back on his feet in no time and gracefully made his way into the wilderness once again.

Luckily, the deer didn’t seem to be injured when mom set him free.

Mom and dad were incredibly relieved that this baby deer would be able to return home where he belongs.

Be sure to check out this touching rescue below.

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