Little Girl Stares In Eyes Of Dying Dog…Miracle Happens

It can be truly horrific to see what humans are capable of, especially when it comes to animal cruelty, but when the people from Rescue From The Hart were contacted about one severely abused pet, they were truly shocked at the level of evil that can be in someone’s heart.

The dog, which was named Angel once she was taken into their center, had been purposely starved for months. Her organs had started to shut down. Simply put, the dog was on the verge of death, and nothing short of a miracle would be able to save her.

Despite the big hurdles she would have to jump to survive, the great people at the organization decided that they could not give up on her, and did everything they could to bring her back to health. With volunteers and staff members devoting their time to Angel, she miraculously began to get better little by little.

She started by eating bit by bit, and with a little encouragement and support, her friendly personality quickly began to shine through. She even began to make friends at the center!

After some time, she was even able to find a new, permanent home!

The time and dedication displayed by the team, as well as the immense strength shown by Angel herself, all prove that there is beauty in this world! We can’t wait to see Angel conquer her world, and for the great people at Rescue From The Hart to keep making the world a truly better place with their work.

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