7 Things that happen if you share bedroom with your dog!

Some people are not open to the idea of sharing their bedroom with their dog with reasons, like unwanted fur on your sheets or a soiled carpet. However, having your furry companion sleeping next to you in your bedroom actually has more pros than cons.

Recently, a study conducted by the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona has revealed surprising benefits of letting your dog sleep in your bedroom.

A total of 150 dog owners took part in this study, with 56% stated that they share their bedroom with their dogs. In this particular group, 41% stated that they sleep better as their dogs’ companionship made them feel more secure.


Here are 7 benefits of sharing your bedroom with your dog:

  1. Having your dog sleeping near you helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Your dog’s presence will soothe you and ensure relaxation.

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