Fearless Man Risks Life To Pull Off Heroic Bear Rescue

There seems to have been quite an influx of black bear sightings reported in Florida but this story has well and truly made our jaws drop!

When a black bear made an appearance in the residential area of Florida’s Alligator Point, wildlife officers understandably began the process of safely transporting it out of the area and back into its natural habitat. However just a few minutes after they hit the wild animal with a tranquiliser dart, things took a turn for the worst…

Instead of running for the woods as expected, the bear made a beeline for the closest body of water in sight – The Gulf of Mexico. Scroll down for the pictures below!

While bears are usually strong swimmers, in its sedated state this drowsy animal could hardly keep its head above the water. Luckily, local biologist Adam Warwick witnessed the scene and did what any bear loving bad ass would do – jumped in to save the animal from drowning!

Adam Warwick holds the bear’s head above the water as he swims to shore. Photo credit: Becky Bickerstaff via Distractify

While by this stage the bear had lost the use of is legs, it still employed the classic drowning reflex of trying to jump on top of its rescuer in order to keep afloat. Amazingly, Warwick kept his cool and was able to drag the 400 pound beast to safety by grabbing it by the scruff of its neck with one hand and supporting its body as best as he could with his other.

Nobody could quite believe their eyes as the brave biologist guided the bear over 20 metres to the safety of the shoreline. Could this be the bravest man to ever grace the Gulf of Mexico? We certainly think so!

By this stage, the bear looks like its cooperating a little more… Photo credit: Becky Bickerstaff via Distractify

Think this is incredible? Can you believe the only injuries Warwick walked away with were one small scratch from the bear’s claw and a small barnacle cut to his foot? Amazing!

Once Warwick and the bear were safely back at shore, the wildlife rescue team used a tractor bucket to scoop up the groggy animal and relocate it to nearby Osceola National Forest.

The soggy animal is scooped up and transported to its new home. Photo credit: Becky Bickerstaff via Distractify

Needless to say, we don’t think this bear will be going salmon fishing anytime soon!

Thanks to Distractify for bringing this brave bear rescue to our attention.

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